Monday, June 25, 2012

Hamilton Family Vacation 2012

The Hamiltons, (Pops, Granny, Greg, Amelia, Trent, Dena, Maddie, Tucker, Beckett, & Finn) that is, took our annual family vacation this past week. We rented a lake house in Granbury, Texas and it was a great time! 

Granny & Pops with the grandkids!
We, mostly, just hung out around the lake house, which was literally steps from the water, but we did venture out for a few fun things.

Beckett is ready for the PGA tour!
On Thursday, we drove to Glen Rose to visit Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Valley State Park. At Dinosaur World, Maddie and Tucker got to dig for fossils and see "life-sized" replicas of about 30 different types of dinosaurs. They thoroughly enjoyed it! Tucker would run up to a dinosaur and growl at it, then he would run away saying, "Scary! He gonna eat me, daddy! Save me!" I don't think that he was really scared, he was just being dramatic and playing games because he would run up and growl at the next one on the walk. Next we went into Dinosaur Valley State Park to look for real dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy River. The water was too high to see the tracks, but Tucker and Beckett got to splash in the river and have some fun.

Tucker, in the mouth of a T-Rex
Maddie & Tucker, future paleontologists
Does he look scared to you?
Beckett & Tuck, enjoying the Paluxy river
 On Friday, we visited the Granbury city beach, which is awesome! The city sectioned off a portion of the lake from boat and fishing traffic. They also trucked in enough sand from South Padre Island to make a true beach and go out about 50 yards into the lake. It was the nicest lake beach that I have ever been to. The kids spent the day splashing, throwing sand, building sand castles, and "swimming". I think that Beckett had the most fun of all, splashing and swimming the entire time.

Granbury city beach
Beckett, the little fish!
Tucker, enjoying the water
We also spent some time attempting to catch fish. The lake house had a boat dock and a sun-deck above it. The dock was perfect for fishing and we saw lots of fish. After a day and a half of losing tons of bait, I realized that our hooks were too large. After a quick change of hooks, we started catching some fish. Maddie caught a perch, as did I, and Tucker caught a small catfish. They were so excited to catch the fish, but didn't want to touch them.
The view of Lake Granbury from the dock
Maddie, fishing woman
The sun deck
Tucker's whopper!
It was a short and simple trip, but we all had fun and were able to spend some quality time together!

Beckett giving Finn kisses
Oh, and yes, Finn was there too, but he pretty much slept the whole time!

See! I told you Finn was there!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Finn, Man of Many Poses!

Last week, Dena took Finn and Tucker to have pictures made. The session was mainly for Finn, but we got some great pictures of the two of them. Just like with Tucker's 2 year pictures, we used our friend Kelsey and her amazing Everlasting Moments Photography. She does a great job, so check out her website if you need some pictures!