Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a great time this weekend celebrating the most important holiday for Christians, Easter!

Hamilton Family Easter, 2011
We celebrated with family and watched the kids hunt eggs, but the highlight of the weekend was a great service and sermon at FBC Tom Bean! All holidays have become commercialized, but it is sad that the true reason for a holiday as important as Easter has become so overshadowed that many people don't even know why it is celebrated! The meaning of Easter has become increasingly important to me since we had Tucker and have dealt with his heart defect. I think about the deep sadness and grief that I felt when we thought we might lose Tucker and then I try to understand what God must have felt when he SENT his only son to take on the wrath and punishment of the entire world of sinners. What love and grace that God has for us!!!

Tucker at church, Easter 2011

Daddy & Tucker, Easter 2011

As I said, we had a great time with our family this weekend. We held our annual, Hamilton Family Easter dinner and egg hunt on Saturday night. It was much more fun this year because Tucker could actually pick up the eggs and put them into his basket. He was still easily distracted, but it was much better than last year. It is always great to get together with the majority of the Hamilton Clan! We are very blessed to have a family that enjoys the company of each other and who makes time to get together so often.

He found one!

Hunting eggs


It was also a chance for us to see our new nephew, Beckett, and our neice Maddie. We don't get to see my brother and his family enough and we were very excited to get to spend some time with them. We went to church together and had Easter lunch at my parents' house. Beckett is growing fast and is probably going to give them some interesting times in the future. Tucker isn't really sure what to think about him...he likes to poke him in the face, in a loving way, of course!

Beckett, Maddie, & Tucker

Tucker has been pretty healthy this month, which has been nice! He is walking and running everywhere he goes. He is also saying a lot more things. Our favorite is probably when he walks into a room and says, "Hi Dada!" or "Hi Mama!" He learns a couple of new words every week and he will be running his mouth before we know it.

Probably one of the cutest things that he has done happened when I mowed the yard for the first time this season. He has a toy lawn mower that makes sounds and Dena brought it outside while I was mowing the front yard. He watched me for a few minutes, then he started mowing on his own, in the drive-way though.

Helping daddy mow!

The next post will be mostly pictures a some video to show our little man in action...stay tuned!


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