Sunday, February 12, 2012


Survivor - A person who survives, esp. a person remaining alive after an event in which others have died, also, a person who continues to function or prosper in spite of opposition, hardship, or setbacks.

Tucker and his friends are the epitome of the definition of the word survivor, they are the physical embodiment of the concept.

We had the pleasure of attending and helping host our annual Amazing Little Hearts "Heart" party this weekend. Each year, we bring all of our families together at the hospital and celebrate our kids' lives, strength, and perseverance. We have a celebration cake, crafts, games, snacks, a blood drive, and tons of photos. More importantly, we have the opportunity to share our kids and our stories with each other and to show that we are not all alone in this life.

Our kids, our survivors, our miracles are so important to us and to each other. Many of our kids have survived a terrible malady that would have meant certain death only a few short years ago, Tucker included. As late as 10 years ago, the life-saving surgery that Tucker had was still considered risky enough that many families were told to just take their baby home and enjoy the remaining time that they had left with them. Yet, Tucker and his friends have found a way to defy the odds and live. God deserves the credit and the glory for this blessing, but it also shows the strength that can be found in a life that is only a few days old.

Sadly, too many kids don't beat CHD. Despite the numerous medical advances that have been made, CHD is still thee #1 cause of birth defect related deaths and twice as many children die from CHD then from all forms of childhood cancer combined each year. More money is needed for CHD research and for the support of these families.

While we celebrate our kids and their survival, we are ALL ever mindful of what could happen at any time. We honor our kids, but we also honor those who have not survived. Kids like Liam, Joshua, Ewan, and countless others, whose lives ended far too soon. We hope and pray that our kids can live lives that honor the memory of those who didn't survive. We hope and pray that our work, as parents, can change things for those that come after us and that we can help them deal with this tough battle.

Dena and I pray each day that Tucker will grow up and appreciate the life that God has blessed him with and that he will have a heart to give back and help others. We hope that our example can give him a love and a passion for this important aspect of being a survivor.

Tucker is a survivor for a reason. We don't yet know what that reason is, but we pray that God gives us enough days to find out.

We invite you to join Tucker and some of his survivor friends for dinner tomorrow night. Monday, Feb. 13th from 6-10pm at Durkin's Pizza, we are having a fundraiser for Amazing Little Hearts. Our group will get 10% of sales and that money will support the families at Medical City Children's Hospital. Join us for great food and an even better cause, the address is:
8930 Hwy 121 Suite 594, McKinney, TX 75070. There will also be a proclamation from Texas Rep. Ken Paxton for CHD Awareness week.


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