Friday, March 7, 2014

A Wish Come True!

Tucker's official Make-A-Wish packet
A big thank you to everyone who posted/shared/commented on social media sites, dressed up, raised funds, gave us hugs and high-fives, and all other forms of encouragement we received during CHD Awareness Week! It was incredibly humbling to see our Facebook news feeds FILLED with red on February 7th. Start planning for next year -- we'll wear the true colors of CHD awareness: red AND blue!!!

As many of you remember, at the Amazing Little Hearts Halloween party back in October, Tucker learned that he would be getting his Make A Wish dream: To meet Lightning McQueen! Well...the time has come! In just three days, the four of us will be boarding a plane to Disneyland, and Tucker will get his wish!

This day seemed so far away back in October, but now that it's here, the emotions are overwhelming. My baby, who has endured more struggles than most people will ever know, gets to "be a kid" and enjoy what life has to offer. No hospital beds, IVs, heart monitors, blood pressure cuffs, chest tubes, PICC lines, steri-strips, bandages, etc. He gets to do what all kids want to do -- be normal. Oh, I know he'll get nasty looks when we get special privileges or people will see our blue Make A Wish shirts and wonder "what's wrong with him," but none of it matters. As far as he knows, he's the center of the world for a whole week. And Trent and I will do and buy whatever he wants because he deserves it.

Tucker at his school send-off party today
Our bags are packed. The house is (mostly) clean. All of our affairs are in order. For one week, we get to be a family. For one week, we can forget about all the hard times. For one week, we get to make memories we'll never forget. Get ready for lots of posts in the next week -- we'll be sharing plenty of photos and stories!

We ask for your prayers for safe traveling. We also ask you to pray for the boys to have patience. We want them to have the best experience, but we don't want either of them to be so tired and frustrated that they can't enjoy it. Please pray that Trent and I stay focused on what's truly important and that we can be kids again too. Most of all, pray that we come home with no regrets, knowing that Tucker got everything he wished for.

Love and Mickey Mouse hugs,
Trent, Dena, Tucker, and Finn

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