Monday, November 29, 2010

Too Many Carbs, Too Much Fun!

Well we had a whirlwind Thanksgiving week!

We spent our time cleaning the house (mostly Dena), eating, spending some quality time with family, eating, running errands, eating, and did I mention eating...

Tucker was either overwhelmed with the people, really tired, or on carb overload because he was unusually fussy this past week.  But he bounced back nicely over the weekend.

The feast at MCCH

We started our Thanksgiving festivities with a trip to Medical City Children's Hospital.  Our support group, Amazing Little Hearts, took turkey and all of the fixings to the Heart Unit for the families, doctors, and nurses that were stuck there on the holiday.  It was truly a feast, with more food than we knew what to do with, but I'm sure it was eaten.  Tucker had a great time playing with his friends, eating, and getting into everything.

Tucker in his Thanksgiving outfit

We definitely got to spend some great time with our wonderful families, which doesn't happen enough!  We started shopping for Christmas and got all of the decorations down from the attic.  We did find a little time to relax, but not much!

Tucker playing while mommy was shopping

Now the countdown is on for Christmas...only 3 weeks to go!


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