Sunday, February 13, 2011

CHD Awareness Week - Day 7!

Heart Babies that we Love!

We appreciate everyone who stops by here to read our story, but we have other friends who need the support as well.  Below is a list of our friends (in no particular order) who happen to be going through similar trials as us.  Please pay them a visit and remember them in your prayers.

Bowen (HLHS) -

Liam (TOF) -

David (HLHS) -

Ethan (TGA) - or

Maribeth (HLHS, adult) -

Grace (HRHS) - or

Jameson (HLHS) -

Jacob (several CHDs) -

Emily (several defects) -

Also, don't forget that we have updates just for Tucker at his page,

Thanks again for the support this week during CHD Awareness Week! I will be updating again tomorrow with some new pictures from this weekend.

With love & Heart Hugs!

Trent, Dena, & Tucker

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